Fix Valorant Voice Chat Not Working

Valorant Push to Talk Not Working

Although Valorant has mostly been a bug-free game since its release two weeks back, certain errors like error code 51, 29, and the recent Push to Talk not working has carried on from the beta. For most of the errors, reinstalling Vanguard or restarting the system is sufficient. But, in this instance, the error occurs due to a compatibility problem with other programs or a bug that causes Valorant Voice Chat Not Working. In this guide, we will help you resolve the error and allow you to play again. Chat is an important function in a game and without it, the experience is not the same. Here are some fixes you can try to fix the error.     

Fix Valorant Voice Chat Not Working

Fix 1: Disable NZXT CAM

If you are unable to use the push to talk bind in Valorant, the possible culprit can be the NZXT CAM software. Try disabling the software prior to launching the game and the PTT would work. Disabling it is simple.

  1. Press Windows Key + X and select Task Manager from the list
  2. Locate NZXT CAM, select, and click on End task.

Fix 2: Change the Default Button Bind

A lot of users were able to fix the issue by changing the bind to mouse. So, if you are not using NZXT CAM and the Valorant Push to Talk is not working for you, try this fix. Change the default keys to the middle mouse button and this should effectively fix the problem. TO change the key bind for Valorant to your mouse, go to Controls > Communication > Voice Chat.

The above fixes should resolve your problem with the broken voice chat in Valorant. In recent times, a lot of games do not pair well with one software of the other. In this instance, it’s the NZXT CAM. Valorant works well with most software designed for Windows and you should have a problem, but it’s always safe to disable unwanted software before you start the game. If you have the NZXT CAM installed on your system, you should first disable the software and check if the push to talk works. If it does not, try disabling other streaming tools and software that work in-parallel with the game.

If still the Push to Talk in Valorant is not working, you may want to change the bind key. On subreddit Valorant, a lot of players confirmed that changing the binding key for Push to Talk to mouse resolved the error.

If none of the above fixes have resolved the error, your only option is to raise a support ticket with Riot Games. They are pretty prompt and should provide a resolution. Let us know in comments what worked and didn’t for you.  

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