Fix Valorant Nvidia Game Filter Not Working – ‘Nvidia Game Filter-A supported game is required’ Error

Fix Valorant NVIDIA Game Filter Not Working - 'Nvidia Game Filter-A supported game is required' Error

Freestyle filters from Nvidia provide a lot of color and visual options to the users. However, after the recent patch in Valorant, users are unable to use the feature and encounter the error, “NVidia Game Filter-A supported game is required.” Unfortunately, this feature is causing a lot of problems with the game and even leading to a game breaking bug. This led Riot Games to temporarily disable the feature. So, the question you must ask is can you fix the issue. While there is no confirmed solution that would work, there are certain things you can do to fix Valorant Nvidia Game Filter Not Working.

Fix Valorant “Nvidia Game Filter-A supported game is required” Error

Nvidia is quite quick to resolve any issues with their software, so we can expect that they would come with a workaround for the filter issue with the game. As for the error message, it simply means that Riot has removed Nvidia Freestyle as a supported software and that’s the reason you are getting the error. While nothing is guaranteed, here is a solutions you can try.

As mentioned earlier, Nvidia may be working on a solution to fix Valorant Nvidia Game Filter Not Working, even though it’s a guess and no confirmation from the company. So, you would want to get access to the experimental feature. If a workaround is provided, it’s the first place where it would be available. You can opt for the experimental feature through GeForce Experience.

Nvidia Experiemental Feature

To enable the feature, launch GeForce Experience and click on the gear icon for Settings. Go to the general tab and check the option ‘Enable experimental features. A GeForce Experience update may be required.’ Once you enable the feature, the software will run a quick check for update. Install any update that may be available, restart the PC and try to run the game.

At the current state of Nvidia Freestyle, it’s highly unlikely that Riot will allow it due to the unfair advantage it gives to the players and changes the way Riot wants players to go with the game.           

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