Fix Valorant Missions and Contracts Not Working

Fix Valorant Missions and Contracts Not Working

The Valorant beta helped developers eliminate thousands of bugs from the game, but certainly not all. Mere three days since launch, users are already reporting several major bugs that preventing them from playing the game entirely or hindering the experience severely. The recent bug users are facing is the Valorant Mission and Contracts not working.

Mission and Contracts are central to the reward system in Valorant. Through these two, players can earn a variety of rewards including unlocking Agents. You can find them on the upper left corner of the screen detailing the steps to complete an objective. The objectives and the rewards associated are different each time.

Valorant Contracts Not Working

This error prevents players from taking advantage of the rewards. When a player completes an objective, they get the reward and move forward in the game, but cannot equip the rewards. The problem can be associated with the Battle Pass not working bug and seem to be the same problem.

For most part, the cause of the error lies on the development side of game, so you cannot do anything to help the situation other than wait for the developers to fix the problem.

Recently, Valorant Tweeted that the problem has been resolved and they are working on getting the rewards earned by the players back to them. But, obviously, the issue still persist and thousands of players have been facing them on a day-to-day basis.

We hope that the developers would soon release a patch that effectively addresses the issue. Meanwhile, keep an eye out on the twitter handle of Valorant for updates on the issue. Rest assured, the issue will be fixed soon.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know all about the Valorant mission and Contracts not working bug.