Fix Valorant Error Code VAN 1067

Fix Valorant Error Code VAN 1067

Valorant is one of the popular games that has attracted millions of players around the world. However, players are not able to enjoy this game as they are facing the latest Error Code VAN 1067 after updating their Windows OS. Many players are reporting on Reddit and other forums that the game crashes mid-game no matter in which mode they are playing and because of this issue, they have to relog again. It seems that for some reason, Windows has disabled some options that Valorant needs to get into. In the below guide, we will learn how to Fix Valorant Error Code VAN 1067.

How to Fix Valorant Error Code VAN 1067

As we have mentioned, the VAN 1067 Error Code is a comparatively new issue that occurs after upgrading Windows Operating System from Win 10 to Win 11. This error occurred to both newcomers as well as those who are already playing this game for some time. This problem is in the OS’s BIOS settings. You can try the below solutions to fix it.

1. Open up the BIOS Settings by clicking F10 as well as F12 keys. Then go to the Advanced Options and search ‘Secure Boot’. If you’re unable to find it, then go to Advanced Options >> Boot Options >> Secure Boot. Then select Windows UEFI Mode OR UEFI option and now launch the game and the Error Code VAN 1067 should be disappeared.

2. One of the Russian players has found this solution from the support team. So, if your language is English, then you can perform these steps accordingly. He stated to follow these steps to fix this issue. Go to the taskbar >> Time and language >> Language >> on the right at the end of the window, the accompanying parameters will be written, click Administrative language settings >> select additionally in the 2nd window to change the system language >> select US English >> tick the Use Unicode UTF-8 checkbox, then reboot the PC and go in VALORANT and the issue will be resolved.

3. The second thing you can do is to restart the system or game.

4. One of the solutions is to ‘Clean Boot’ your computer system which will make sure that any other programs are not interfering with Valorant.

5. If the issue persists, then restart the ‘VGS’ Service in the Task Manager. For this, go to the Task Manager and click on the Service Tab, and then right-click on VGS Service and select Restart. It is important to note that you will only see this Service if the Valorant is installed or running. 

6. In case nothing works, then the final resort is to get a Support Ticket

Hopefully, any of the above-motioned methods would solve Valorant Error Code VAN 1067.

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