Fix Valorant Error Code 68

Fix Valorant Error Code 68

Valorant has a lot of error codes and there is some recommendation on the official website to fix these errors, whether the suggested solutions work or not is a completely different question. Unfortunately, the Valorant error code 68 is among the few errors that’s not listed on the website of the game. The error message reads “VALORANT has encountered a connection error. Please relaunch the client to reconnect.” For most users the advertised fix works to resolve the error i.e. relaunching the client.

So far we know that this is not a client side issue, so you don’t need to scrutinize your connection in an attempt to solve the problem. Although it can ruin a match, the error resolves itself. Just wait for a few hours or a day and the error should resolve. So, far we have seen that the problem occurs in regions, suggesting the server may be down for maintenance. However, we have certain fix if your region is experiencing problems or there is a misconfiguration on your system.

Fix Valorant Error Code 68

For most users, you do not require any fix other than restarting the client or waiting for the servers to come back online. Whenever you encounter the Valorant error code 68, the first thing to do is check the Twitter handle of Valorant if there is a scheduled maintenance. Alternatively, you can also check website such as downdetector to check if there is a problem with the server in your region for Valorant.

Now, if the servers in your region is down, you could either wait for the servers to come back online or you can try playing the game through a different server using a VPN software. The VPN software will use a server from a different region to connect to the game. This may be able to resolve the error code 68. You can try using ExpressVPN for the job.

For users who encounter the error even when the servers are online, the cause could be the Windows Firewall or the DNS or Proxy Settings. If you have altered the DNS servers, revert to the custom Windows DNS. Also, uncheck the use of proxy servers. Here are the steps:

Revert to Windows Default DNS

  1. Press Windows Key + I and select Network & Internet
  2. Click on Change adapter options
  3. Right-click on the network connection you are currently using and select Properties
  4. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  5. Click on Properties
  6. Check Obtain an IP address automatically
  7. Check Obtain DNS server address automatically
  8. Click Ok to save changes and exit the Windows.

Change the LAN Settings

If you have enabled the proxy server on your LAN settings, it could also cause the Valorant error code 68, to fix the issue disable it. Here are the steps.

  1. In the Windows Search tab, type Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN settings > uncheck use a proxy server for your LAN
  2. Save the changes and exit.

Set Exception in Windows Firewall or Third-Party Antivirus

Here is how you can set an exception for Valorant on Windows Firewall and other antivirus software.  

Windows Firewall

  1. Press Windows Key + I and select Update & Security
  2. From the left menu select Windows Security and then Firewall & network protection
  3. Click on Allow an app through firewall
  4. Click on Change settings and locate BootstrapPackagedGame in the list of programs
  5. If you can’t find it in the list, click on Allow another app…
  6. Click on Browse and locate Valorant.exe
  7. Click on Add
  8. Click Ok

Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Home >> Settings >> Additional >> Threats and Exclusions >> Exclusions >> Specify Trusted Applications >> Add.


  • Home >> Settings >> Components >> Web Shield >> Exceptions >> Set the exception.

Avast Antivirus

  • Home >> Settings >> General >> Exclusions >> Set the exclusion.

For most users, the Valorant error code 68 can be fixed by a simple restart of the client, but if that fails, you can try the additional fixes we have recommended.

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