Fix Valorant Error Code 43

Valorant Error Code 43

Sill in beta, it’s quite natural that users are encountering a lot of errors with the game. After all, the whole purpose of the beta is to identify and debug the errors in the game. The Valorant error code 43 is one such error. Among the long list of errors in the game, this error code and other like 29 and 51 are the most common.

Riot says that the error occurs when the system is timed out and you can resolve it by restating the Riot client, but that has failed to work for a lot of users. And if you are among the users who could not start the game even after restarting the Riot client, do not worry, we will help you understand and fix the issue.

Prior to understanding the problem, it’s best that you have the latest version of the window. Valorant is optimized to work with the latest version of the Windows. And also ensure that you graphics drivers are updated. Although, this particular error does not occur due to the above reasons, it’s best practice to avoid other errors with the game.

What is Valorant Error Code 43?

Simply put, the Valorant error code 43 arises when the system has failed to establish a connection with the Valorant servers. This can be due to a bunch of reasons such as problem with the ISP, Wi-Fi glitches, packet loss, faulty hardware, general internet congestion, or a scheduled maintenance.

This is a widespread problem and under most circumstance occurs when the Riot Games servers are experiencing some problems. Under such a situation, there is little you can do other than wait out the storm.

To Fix the Error Code 43 in Valorant

As a first step, you should verify the internet connectivity and terminate any bandwidth intensive tasks such as file transfer, video streaming, torrenting, etc. These processes can slow down the internet considerably, which can lead to the Valorant error code 43.

Try running other games like Destiny 2 or COD and check if you can play those. Once you have verified the connectivity issue, try playing the game again. Before you start troubleshooting the connection, don’t forget to close the game completely.

If the above fix didn’t work and you are still getting the error, there could be something wrong with the Riot servers. This error often arises when the user has installed a new patch of the game or the servers are undergoing maintenance. Head over to the official twitter handle of Valorant and ensure there is no such maintenance underway. If it is, wait it out and try again later.

As expected with any online game, bugs and issues are common during the initial phase, which the developers would fix as they arise, so rest assured you have an amazing game in the making. Don’t be put off by the initial hiccups.

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