Fix Valorant Battle Pass Not Working

Valorant Battle Pass

The launch of Valorant has been far from smooth, but to be fair it’s not the only game in recent times that has had hiccups. Problems with multiplayer games are common. The problem we will discuss and try to find a solution today is the Valorant Battle Pass not working.

Battle Pass in Valorant is a purchasable item that cost 1000 VP and the real world value is $10. Meaning, you have to spend $10 to purchase the Battle Pass. With it comes an array of items that unlocks as you progress in the game.

In each Act of the game, you will get a Battle Pass that unlocks different items as your XP grows. There are a variety of problems users are facing with the reward system but one common thread – the Battle Pass system is bugged.

Some users can unlock the rewards as they gain XP in the game, but cannot equip. Whereas, another group of users cannot access the rewards even when they keep increasing the XP. The problem is the same, but the good news is Valorant has acknowledged the issue.

Cause and Fix for Valorant Battle Pass Not Working

If you have been facing problems with Battle Pass, you are not alone in this, there are literally tens of thousands of people who are facing the same problem. Don’t harass yourself by trying the fix the issue by reinstalling the client or Vanguard, the cause if the Valorant Battle Pass not working is on the development end of the game. Your best bet is that the developers soon release a patch that addresses the issue.

In fact, for a lot of players, the issue is resolved and Valorant is working on getting back your rewards. So, if you have not logged into the game since launch, you may want to try to check if the problem is occurring.

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