Fix Valheim Blocked From Dungeon Message or Bug

Sunken Crypts, Burial Chambers, and Troll Caves are great places to loot resources in Valheim. Some of the resources such as Iron can only be obtained early in the game by looting these dungeons. However, when the players tries to unlock one of these dungeons, they are getting the prompt Blocked from Dungeon. Is this a bug or have you done something wrong? Stick with us through the post and we will help you fix Valheim “Blocked from Dungeon” bug.

How to Fix Valheim Blocked From Dungeon Bug

One of the reason you are not able to access the Sunken Crypt is because you do not have the Swamp key. The key is required to unlock the Sunken Crypt and other dungeons in the biome. To get the key, you have to first fight the boss in the Black Forest ‘The Elder.’ The Swamp Key is a drop from the boss. So, if you don’t have the key and you are trying to access the Crypt, you may be getting the message Blocked from Dungeons. Having said that, a lot of players with the key are also getting the message, so it’s definitely a bug with the game.

The most likely cause of the Valheim Blocked from Dungeon bug is a server lag. The fix for the issue is to restart the server and hope the bug does not trigger this time around. For most users, a simple restart is sufficient to resolve the issue.

Another reason users could be seeing the message is when they have already visited the crypt. As such, give it some time before visiting the crypt again. After you have restarted the server, don’t immediately go to the Crypt. Perform some other activity in the game and after a while return to the Crypt, the Valheim Blocked from Dungeon message should not appear this time around.

Besides the above, there isn’t much you can do to fix the issue. If you have some other solution, you can let us know in the comments.     

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