Fix Unable To Turn Off Screen Narrator in Redfall

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Redfall is an upcoming open-world, first-person shooter video game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game features a range of supernatural creatures in a town in Massachusetts that is isolated from the rest of the world due to a supernatural storm. One issue that some players have faced when playing Redfall is that the screen narrator keeps on giving voice-over instructions even after they have turned it off. This can be a frustrating issue, but fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to fix it.

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How to Turn off the Screen Narrator in Redfall

Here are some easy steps to turn off the screen narrator in Redfall:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Settings Menu: The first step in turning off the screen narrator in Redfall is to navigate to the game’s settings menu. This can usually be accessed from the main menu by selecting the “Settings” option.
  • Step 2: Turn Off the Screen Narrator: Once you are in the settings menu, you should look for an option labeled “Screen Narrator” or “Narrator.” This is usually located in the “Accessibility” section of the settings menu. Once you have found this option, select it and toggle it off.
  • Step 3: Save Your Settings: After you have turned off the screen narrator, you should save your settings. This is an important step, as it ensures that your preferences are saved and that the narrator will remain turned off even if you close the game and reopen it later. To save your settings, look for an option labeled “Save Changes” or something similar. This is usually located at the bottom of the settings menu.
  • Step 4: Restart the Game: Once you have saved your settings, exit the settings menu and restart the game. This should ensure that the screen narrator is turned off and that it will not come back on.

How to Fix Can’t Turn Off Screen Narrator in Redfall

If you are still experiencing issues with the screen narrator after following these steps, there are a few additional things you can try.

Check Your System Settings

Sometimes, issues with the screen narrator in Redfall can be caused by settings on your computer or gaming console. To ensure that your system settings are not causing the issue, you should check to make sure that the screen narrator is turned off in your system settings as well.

Reinstall the Game

If you have tried all of the other steps to turn off the screen narrator in Redfall and you are still experiencing issues, reinstalling the game may be a solution worth trying. This step should only be taken after you have exhausted all other

With these steps, you should be able to enjoy playing Redfall without the distraction of the screen narrator.

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