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Fix Unable to Start Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods

Fix Unable to Start Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods

Doom Eternal was a massive hit released earlier this year. It’s even touted as the best game released in past several years. Naturally, with the release of the DLC that extends the story further, fans have lined up to play the game. But, the DLC launch has been anything but smooth. Players are facing a range of issues getting access to the game or are unable to start Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods. The game is going through all kinds of problems. For one, the Year One Pass and Digital Deluxe owners are not recognized by the game. New and the Standard Edition players are unable to purchase the game. It’s all very confusing and a mess at this point. Fortunately, there are some workaround to the can’t start or problem launching Doom Eternal Ancient Gods DLC.

Fix Unable to Start Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods

Unfortunately for Xbox and PS4 users, if you have downloaded the small update for the DLC and you are directed to the store page to purchase the DLC, meaning it’s not recognizing you as the game owner, then, you will have to wait for a fix from the developers.

We are still in the early hours of release, so we do not have much info for Xbox and SP4 players. Hopefully, Bethesda will soon release a fix that addresses the issue.

Steam users are running into all types of problems with the game. If you are on Steam and unable to start the Ancient Gods DLC, restarting Steam has worked for quite a number of users. Even Bethesda users should do the same.

Besides that, there isn’t much you can do to help the situation. You will have to wait for a resolution from the developers. However, since the problem so widespread, it shouldn’t be long before a solution is provided and you can play the game.      

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