Fix Ubisoft Connect ‘Problem Authenticating Ownership’ Error

Ubisoft Connect is a common digital distribution platform from Ubisoft. And it’s possible to integrate Ubisoft Connect games with Steam. Although recently players have been identifying issues with Ubisoft Connect showing an error which states the system is having problem authenticating ownership of certain games. This is a pretty trivial issue though and easily manageable. Read on to find out the fix for Ubisoft Connect ‘Problem Authenticating Ownership’ error.

Ubisoft Connect Is a Next-Gen Uplay with Cross-Progression and Digital Rewards. The digital distribution and rights management, communications service was launched by Ubisoft. Earlier known as Uplay, it was initially released in 2009 and is available on various platforms.

Ubisoft Connect ‘Problem Authenticating Ownership Error’ | Cause

The error appears when players are logged into a wrong Ubisoft Connect account while trying to launch through Steam. The players might not be having rights to access certain games and hence the system screens the message.

The authentication problem comes up when launching games via Steam without being logged into the correct Ubisoft Connect account first. So in case a player has the game installed on his PC and in order to play it he has to first authenticate ownership based on active login.

Ubisoft Connect ‘Problem Authenticating Ownership Error’ | Fix

To fix the issue proceed as follows:

  • In Ubisoft Connect, go to your account username at the top right corner.
  • Then, choose the option to logout.
  • Next, enter the login details of the account your game had been activated on. In case you forget your login credentials players can contact Ubisoft Support.
  • After entering your details, launch the game again through Steam.

The game should run perfectly fine now.

In case players forget their login credentials and are not sure on which Ubisoft account was the game activated, they can reach out to Ubisoft Support with the following: Ownership files, Steam proof of purchase, and a screenshot of the game’s activation key.

Hope you are able to fix the Ubisoft Connect Problem Authenticating Ownership Error with the above-mentioned fix. Comment in case you are aware of an alternative method. Till then keep checking this space for more updates on Ubisoft Connect and related content.

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