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Fix Twitter Error ‘Content is not available’

Fix Twitter ‘Content is not available’ error

Twitter is one of the world’s most well-known and widely used social media platforms where most of the time celebs, public figures, and others Tweet their words. Lately, many users are facing an error that shows ‘Content in not available’, it has also been noticed that the Virgin Media Wi-Fi users have mostly been affected by this issue.  And because of this error, they are not able to view images, GIFs, and videos. This happens on both iPhone and Android devices. If you’re facing the same issues, below we have provided several solutions.

How to Fix Twitter Error ‘Content is not available’

In order to fix Twitter ‘Content is not available’ error, try following solutions one-by-one until the error gets solved.

1. First of all, delete the Twitter app from your Android or iOS platform and reinstall it again.

2. If it doesn’t work then reboot your Android or iPhone smartphone.

3. In case, the Twitter videos, photos, and GIFs are not loading, try a different data network or Wi-Fi connection.

4. Make sure that you have updated Twitter. Go to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android) and check for the new updates. If you find any new updates, get your app updated and try it again, you won’t see any error.

Once you try these solutions, restart your device and open Twitter and you will see no error while opening GIFs, Photographs, and Videos.

If Twitter is having any technical problems, users can check the status on @TwitterSupport. If you’re not able to solve the problem by going through the above-mentioned solutions, do not hesitate to check the current status on Twitter Support and the issue is verified by Twitter itself, it will get fixed in some time.

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix Twitter ‘Content is not available’ error.

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