Fix Twitch Link Removed from Steam Profile Issue

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Twitch is a popular live-streaming platform that is very easy to use. Twitch is an incredible gamer platform for players to stream their content. Many players like to link their Twitch account to their Steam profile so that players’ friends can easily locate them on both platforms Twitch as well as Steam. However, like any other streaming platform, Twitch also has various bugs and technical glitches such as a ‘browser not supported’ error or error code 1000 or 2000, etc. Recently, many Steam users are reporting that their Twitch link is removed from their profile on Steam.

Due to this problem, gamers are not able to share their profile links with others and furthermore, they are also losing their stream views. 

After this major problem, many players are wondering if this is working as intended or if they blocked Twitch mistakenly. Well, in this guide, we will learn more about this issue and will also try to fix it. Let’s find out how to fix the Twitch link removed from the Steam profile issue.

How to Fix Twitch Link Removed from Steam Profile Issue

If your Twitch link has been removed from your Steam profile, don’t worry as it seems to have happened to everyone. However, you can try the best and quick method to get rid of this issue.

We have come across a workaround shared by a player. He has managed to resolve this issue. He suggests, write your username after the website’s name and you won’t experience the issue.

At the time of writing this guide, we have come across only this temporary method to fix the Twitch link removed from the Steam profile issue. Steam has not acknowledged or addressed this issue. Hopefully, Steam will look into it and release a hotfix as countless players are currently experiencing this issue.

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