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Fix Tupperbox Not Working | Is It Down

Fix Tupperbox Not Working Is It Down

Tupperbox is an excellent tool for multi-role-playing. It can easily manage several accounts with different avatars and names without frequently signing in and out of each of them. Also, it features Autoproxy, in which you can send all messages by using one single Tupper. Thus, this is an extremely useful fun tool. However, recently several users are complaining that their Tupperbox is not working properly. Let’s know in the following how to fix this issue?

How to Fix Tupperbox Not Working | Is It Down

When your Tupperbox doesn’t work properly, the very first thing you need to do is to check the server status on their official Twitter handle which is Tupperbox (@TupperParody). They might have Tweeted about the down status along with ETA.

In case, nothing is updated there and you’re facing issues with Tupperbox, you can try out following some possible solutions.

1. Make sure that you have enabled all the right permissions for Tupperbox to work on your server. To check this:

– Go to that channel where Tupperbox is not working

– Type ‘?perms’ on that channel

– Now, add the permissions whichever you need and also check the permissions which were not added already.

2. If this doesn’t work, type ‘tul!proxy enable’ on that same channel.

3. Because of the ad blocks, such error occurs sometimes. So, make sure that all the ad blocks are disabled on your internet browser and then reload Discord again.

4. Another best solution is to use Google Chrome, as this browser is enhanced and so, it can easily dodge this issue with Tupperbox.

And finally, if nothing works, then do not hesitate to contact Discord Support page and raise your issue in their Help channel.

The support team is very active and will resolve Tupperbox related issues as early as possible.

That’s all for this guide on how to Fix Tupperbox Not Working issue.

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