Fix Total War WARHAMMER II Gate Bug

The new Total War WARHAMMER II DLC “The Silence & The Fury DLC” is out on Steam and players are still complaining about a very old bug with the game. The Total War WARHAMMER II Gate bug has existed with the game for over two years, but the developers are yet to acknowledge or address the issue.

The problem with the gate bug is it allows one unit in, but closes the gate soon after, leaving the unit stranded and destined to die. The bug has existed with the game for the entire existence of the game, but no patch so far has addressed the issue.

Total War WARHAMMER II Gate Bug Still Remains After The Silence & The Fury DLC

It seems even with the new DLC, the developers did not attend to the bug. Stick around with the post and we will tell you more about the bug.

Total War WARHAMMER II Gate Bug Still Remains After ‘The Silence & the Fury DLC’

The Total War WARHAMMER II Gate bug appears when the AI of the game has a unit guarding the gate and your unit tries to break it down. For some reason, maybe the proximity of the AI troops triggers the gate to be opened momentarily, which allows one of your units to get inside. And then, the gate closes again. The rest of your troops are still outside trying to knock down the game.

Sometimes the gate does not close and all your troops can get inside without even knocking the door down. However, there is even the worst scenario that results from the bug.

Very few users have also reposted that after a unit has gone past the game, the gate appears to be open, but there is an invisible wall that prevents the rest of the troops from entering. Since there is no wall to break as the gate appears open, the rest of the troops are stuck. Most of the time, once the unit that went through the door dies, the doors will close again, but if you are stuck in a situation with the invisible wall, the game cannot progress.

Workaround for the Total War WARHAMMER II Gate Bug

There aren’t many great workarounds for this bug, but you can still minimize its occurrence by not having several units attack the gate at once. Just use a single unit or a few single entity units. Avoid swarming the gate with all your units because that somehow triggers the bug.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know everything about the bug. While the workaround can be useful, the only permanent solution can come from the developers. We will update the post when we know more.    

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