Fix Titanfall 2 Error Code 429 – Connection To Server Timed Out

Titanfall 2 is a game from 2016, but if you have not played this game, it’s worth every penny. The graphics and the build of the game is awesome. It’s one of the unique EA title that has faded among other titles. But, there is news that the 3rd title in the series is expected sometimes 2021-22. As EA relaunched the game on Steam, large number of players jumped into it. The new players are causing the server to overload and result in a range of errors, among them is the Titanfall 2 Error Code 429 – Connection To Server Timed Out. To fix the error, you must restart the system and the game. Retry this a few times before attempting general network troubleshooting.

What is Titanfall 2 Error Code 429 and How to Fix

Error code 429 – Connection to server times out is not a client-side error under most circumstance. The server is experiencing problems and that means there is little you can do about it. Due to the large number of players jumping on the game, the server is excessively busy, which is normal with most multiplayer games. To resolve the error, try playing the game in less busy hours when the likelihood of players onboard will be less.

You would have noticed that the problem only occurs in peak hours. Additionally, try using a VPN to connect to the game. That could help, if the server in your region is particularly busy. But, that’s a slim shot. Anyways, a good VPN to try is ExpressVPN.

Having said that, network errors and problem with the ISP could also be an issue for some players. However, if large number of players are experiencing the problem, it’s definitely a server-side problem. Your best bet is to keep trying and hope you get ahead of the que.

The problem could also arise when the server is under maintenance, so don’t forget to check the status of the server on downdetector or similar website. Additionally, you could also check the twitter handle of the game for updates.  

So, basically, if you get the error code 429 in Titanfall 2, there is little you can do other than retry after a few hours or when the servers are less busy.

That’s all in this guide, we suggest you play the campaign meanwhile, which is equally enjoyable and you do not require to be connected with the server. This game is definitely one of my favourites and hope you enjoy it as much as I did the first time around.

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