Fix the Xbox Discord Transfer Didn’t Work Issue

Fix the Xbox Discord Transfer Didn't Work Issue

Discord Voice is now available on all Xbox consoles. With this latest update, you can now connect with your friends across PC, Xbox, and mobile using chat through voice channels or group calls straight from your Xbox console. However, many players are running into a transfer error on their Xbox Discord. The error message says – “Transfer didn’t work. Your console needs an update before it can connect to Discord”. If you are stuck in the same error message and have no idea how to get rid of it, go through this guide and resolve the error.

Fixing the Xbox Discord Transfer Didn’t Work Issue

Again, the error message reads – “Transfer didn’t work. Your console needs an update before it can connect to Discord”. So, the fix is in the error message itself. You are seeing this error because your console’s software has been outdated.

So, make sure to update your Xbox console and if you are using it on your smartphone, make sure you are running the latest and updated version of the mobile Discord app.

However, you must note that you cannot transfer Discord voice chat to the console until you tweak something on your privacy settings. Here is how you can do it.

– Go to Profile & system >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy & online safety >> Xbox privacy >> View details and customize >> Communication & multiplayer and make sure the option ‘You can join cross-network play’ is set to ‘Allow.’ Also, set ‘You can communicate outside of Xbox with voice & text’ to ‘Everybody.’

Transferring Discord Call to Xbox

You can directly enable Discord voice on your Xbox. So, you don’t require a mobile app to transfer voice from Discord to your Xbox One or X|S. Here is the method you need to follow:

Using the Discord Mobile App

– Open up the server with your preferred voice channel and then join that channel

– Select ‘Try voice chat on console’

– Select ‘Transfer to Xbox’

– Select your console and then select ‘Transfer audio’

Once transferred, close the Xbox app and Discord on your mobile and the issue will get resolved.

Using the Discord browser app or desktop

– Open up the server and join the voice channel

– Right-click on the voice channel and select ‘Transfer Voice to Xbox’

– Scan the code using your mobile device

– On the ‘Transfer Discord audio’ screen, you will see the default console. Select ‘Change’ and switch to another console. Or you can select ‘Transfer audio’.

That’s how you can fix the Xbox Discord transfer didn’t work issue.

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