Fix the Failed to Fetch Settings from Twitch Error

Shubhang Tripathi
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Are you trying to go live on Twitch, but you keep getting the same error message that says failed to fetch settings from Twitch? If you are facing this error and are looking for a solution, we have the fix that you need to resolve this issue.   Every day, thousands of people from all over the world tune in to watch their favorite live streamers perform on Twitch, making it one of the leading businesses in the live streaming industry. Twitch, just like all the other platforms and apps, runs into some bugs from time to time. In this guide, we shall thoroughly review the error ‘failed to fetch settings from Twitch’ so that you can start streaming to your audience without any issues.

Fixing Failed to Fetch Settings from Twitch

There are a few things that streamers can do to try and alleviate this problem, therefore if nothing seems to be working for you, do not worry about it because we have done the research to fix this bug, so you do not have to. The following is a list of potential solutions to this bug on Twitch:

Open Streamlabs as Administrator

  • Before beginning this process, people should ensure that you have logged out of your account that is plagued by the bug.
  • After you have completed this step, press the Windows key to open the Start menu and then search for Streamlabs.
  • Right-click on the Streamlabs application file that has been located by your Windows, then select the “Run as an administrator” option from the menu that appears.
  • According to our research, many people who had run into this error message on Twitch reported that by performing the actions we stated above, they were able to resolve the issue.  If you are still facing the problem, proceed to the next step.

Steam Key Reset Method

  • To reset their stream key, users must enter into their account, and click Creator Dashboard > Settings > Stream.
  • Under the Stream tab, locate the reset button that is located at the bottom of the text box and click on it.
  • Copy the new Stream key and proceed to the Streamlabs after resetting the Stream key.
  • Simply navigate to the Stream tab on Streamlabs after clicking on the Settings icon on the Streamlabs UI. Here, you have to paste the new Stream key that you generated in the previous steps.

Auto-Optimizer Method

  • To adjust Streamlabs’s settings, users must launch the app and click the settings icon in the app’s bottom left corner.
  • The user will then navigate to the tab titled “General” and click the “Auto-optimizer” option. It usually takes some time for this process to finish, so you will have to wait till that happens.

A lot of the streamers on Twitch are troubled with this particular error ‘failed to fetch settings from Twitch’, which means it will not be long before it is completely patched by the Devs. If you are still facing the bug after following our instructions, please contact Twitch Support and explain your situation. If you are interested in reading more articles, head over to our homepage. Thanks for reading this article.

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