Fix The Division 2 ‘Objective failed’ Error

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The Division 2 players have encountered a frustrating bug during the mission “Take Back the White House.” After eliminating the razorback and completing the cutscene, some players receive an ‘Objective Failed’ error, preventing them from progressing further. This issue has been acknowledged by Ubisoft Support, and while an official fix is pending, there are potential workarounds that players can try.

How to Fix The Division 2 ‘Objective failed’ Error

There are a few solutions from users on Reddit to fix the Objective failed error loop in Divison. Here are solutions to fix the issue.

Completing the Mission to Enter the White House

To address the ‘Objective Failed’ error in Division 2, players should first ensure they have completed the mission to the point where they are required to enter the White House. This includes watching the initial part of the cutscene until the Echo segment is finished.

Skipping the Cutscene and Switching to the Map

To potentially fix the bug, players should immediately skip the cutscene as soon as the Echo segment ends. It is crucial to act quickly and switch to the map without moving the character. This step is vital in the process of resolving the ‘Objective Failed’ error.

Fast Traveling to the Castle Settlement

After skipping the cutscene and accessing the map, players should select the option to Fast Travel to the Castle Settlement. This action will allow them to listen to the recording associated with the mission.

Take Back the White House Bug

By following these steps, players have reported success in resolving the ‘Objective Failed’ error that occurs in The Division 2’s Take Back the White House mission. It is important to note that although Ubisoft Support has acknowledged the issue, there is no official estimated time of arrival (ETA) for the bug fix. Some players have reported that the fix rolled out by Ubisoft did not resolve the issue for them.

Official Acknowledgment and Investigation: Fortunately, Ubisoft Support has officially recognized the ‘Objective Failed’ error in The Division 2’s Take Back the White House mission and is actively investigating the matter. Although an official ETA for the bug fix has not been provided, players can find solace in knowing that the developers are aware of the issue and are working towards a resolution.

Ubisoft Support is actively investigating this bug, and while no official fix ETA has been given, players can expect a resolution in the future.

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