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Fix the Battlefield 2042 ‘Not Set’ Bug Text

Battlefield 2042 has been introducing some quality of life updates for a while now. They recently launched the first season of the game titled “Zero Hour”. However, alongside this update, a bug has made its way into the game. This bug is mostly affecting players who are playing with a controller on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The “Not Set” bug keeps popping on the main menu while trying to find a match. Thus, it can get particularly annoying for gamers.

How to Fix the Battlefield 2042 ‘Not Set’ Bug Text

Players will be delighted to know that DICE has acknowledged the bug, and they are working on fixing it. The team at DICE has confirmed that the issue will be “resolved in a future update.” However, we do not have a release date for this future update. However, until the update rolls out, we have a workaround that has been reported to work for several gamers online. Follow these steps to get rid of the error:

  1. From the options menu, select Controller
  2. Now, choose Controller Schemes
  3. Scroll down and select the Controls option
  4. Now, switch from the Default option to the Custom
  5. This switch will change the diagram on the right to the correct controls

These steps should fix the Not Set bug text. You can also change the Buttons and map them individually according to your preference. The game may still say Not Set but be assured that all controls will work as intended.

The steps listed above are not an official fix, but several gamers have reported this workaround to work for them in the game. The issue is annoying, and it does not let players navigate the Battlefield 2042 menus properly. However, a simple reset should enable players to get rid of the bug and enjoy the game properly. The fix is extremely easy, and we do not want any Battlefield fan to quit the game because of this simple issue.

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