Fix The Ascent Multiplayer and Co-Op Not Working

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

The Ascent is one of the latest multiplayer games and so a few issues and glitches are expected like many other newly released online games. One of the recent problems experienced by many players is that the ‘Multiplayer and Co-Op not working in The Ascent’ which is quite frustrating. When players attempt to join Multiplayer and Co-Op, they face a glitch and so they can’t join other players. Although, devs have not confirmed this issue many players have tried some solutions and it worked. If you’re facing the same issue, let’s learn how to fix The Ascent Multiplayer and Co-Op not working.  

The Ascent Multiplayer and Co-Op Not Working

In order to fix this issue, go through the following solutions one-by-one until it is fixed.

1. Update your game: In case your game is not updated with the latest version, you may have this problem. So, make sure to update it with the latest version.

2. Completely close the game and relaunch it: By using Task Manager on your PC, completely close the game (even in the background) and then relaunch it. And then try to join Multiplayer or Co-Op.  

3. Uninstall the game completely and then redownload it: According to some users, the pre-release version of The Ascent game has already some issues. So, it is recommended to uninstall the game completely and then redownload it with the latest version.

4. Play the game on Xbox rather than PC (Steam): Many players have experienced that the error comes up mostly on the PC Version (Steam) so the best way is to play on Xbox.

5. Play only with friends: Since there is no matchmaking via invitations in this game, it is advisable to play only with your friends and you won’t see any error message.

However, if nothing works – Then the best is to wait for the official updates from the devs.

That’s everything you need to know How to Fix The Ascent Multiplayer and Co-Op Not Working. Also, check out our next post – The Ascent – How to Fix Stuttering Issue on PC?

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  • Found the FIX for “The Ascent” Multiplayer not working on PC (Xbox Game Pass). Use Windows Search / Cortana and search for “Xbox Networking”. Click “Check Again” if it says “Teredo is unable to qualify” then IPv6 is not working correctly and you need to “Fix It” button. Once it is back on, it will work again!

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