Fix Terraria Stuck on Syncing Files

Terraria Stuck on Syncing Files

It’s been over a decade but still, Terraria is one of the great adventures and the best sandbox games around. This game features building, crafting, exploration, combat, and painting in a 2D world. Overall, this game has received very positive reviews but in the last few days, players are experiencing an error in which the players are not able to sync the files and so they can’t play the game further. Many players are reporting that their game got stuck while syncing files. These players tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game to no avail. At the time of writing, the players impacted by the bug seem to be Xbox and PlayStation users. While it may appear as an issue on the game-end, there are some workarounds that can provide relief from Terraria stuck on syncing files error.

Fix Terraria Stuck on Syncing Files Error

The frequent changes and updates keep the game vigorous but sometimes it creates several glitches and issues that ruin the real fun of the players. After its new update 1.4, players are not able to go beyond syncing files screen which is quite annoying. But, here we have given some solutions tried by a few players. Let’s check them out:

Play Offline

For those players who can’t wait for the fix and want to enjoy this game right away, they can play the game offline. This is one of the best solutions so far as the issue occurs at the time of file syncing with the servers. That means, if you are not online, you won’t get this issue when you play it offline. Try it once!

Update Your Xbox Series X

It has been noticed that the majority of reports received from Xbox players, another best solution is to update your Xbox Series X, play the game for a while, save the game, and then shut down your console. Thus, the issue will be resolved.

Unfortunately, these are the only solutions we have. If you come across any other solutions, do let us know in the comment section below.

However, devs have already acknowledged this issue and they said, they are working on the syncing file issues.

So, in case the above solutions don’t work, do not worry! Soon we have a new patch/update from the devs and Terraria Stuck on Syncing Files issue will be resolved.

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  1. Going offline did not hwlp on the xbox 1

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