Fix Teardown Audio Stuttering & Lag

Teardown is quite a new game, but it’s steadily creeping up the top of Steam’s sales chart. Still in early access, the game is a fun chaotic destruction sand box. However, as with most early access, the game also has some bugs that’s troubling users. Besides the save issue and crash, a large number of users have been facing the Teardown audio stuttering and lag. If you find yourself struggling with a similar issue, we have certain recommendations that can smooth out the audio in the game. Stick around and read the complete guide.

Fix Teardown Audio Stuttering & Lag

Some users are complaining that the Teardown audio stutter & lag happened at specific locations, whereas, others feel it’s random and all over the place. When you first encounter the bug, just restart the game and the system. The restart should be able to fix the issue momentarily, but it’s not a permanent solutions.

The developers of the game recommends that using VoiceMeeter can cause the issue, so you would want to ensure you have disabled the audio mixer software. Some users have also suggested that the problem occurs when using the Sound BlasterX Katana, but that’s not a confirmed cause and you need to switch audio output to try and see if that’s actually the cause.

We suggest that you change the speaker quality and try to play the game. One users had success with the issue by changing the speaker settings from 32 bit studio quality to 16 bit cd quality. So, that’s something you can try.

Another possible fix for the Teardown audio stuttering is to switch to borderless windowed. Playing the game on fullscreen seems to escalate the occurrence of the audio problem. Again, this is not a permanent solution. The audio will be fixed for now, but it will resurface again. Waiting in the menu for a while about 30 seconds also gets the audio back to normal. Relaunching the game also does the same trick.

As the developers have suggested that VoiceMeeter could cause the audio problem, it’s safe to assume that other software that perform similar functions can also be the culprit. We suggest you disable all software that can mess up audio inputs and attempt to play the game. Disabling all audio input software seems to be the most effective fix for this problem.

The best way to ensure no third-party is causing problems with the game is to disable everything. Here is the process you can follow.

  1. Press Windows Key + R and type msconfig, hit Enter
  2. Go to the Services tab
  3. Check Hide all Microsoft services
  4. Now, click Disable all
  5. Go to the Startup tab and click on Open Task Manager
  6. Disable one task at a time and restart the system.
  7. Try launching the game, check if the stutter still occurs.

Vsync enabled and a fluctuating FPS can also cause audio and video stutter in games. Hence, if your problem is not fixed yet. You should disable the Vsync and limit the FPS from the Nvidia control panel. Here is the patch to the process: Nvidia Control Panel > 3D Settings > Manage 3D settings > Program Settings > Under Specify the settings for the program, disable Vertical Sync and set the max frame rate. You can test the frame rate and set what best works for you. Start with 60 or lower.

If nothing has worked so far, disable the Spatial Sound in Windows. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Press Windows Key + I to open Settings
  2. Click on Systems and go to Sound
  3. From the right side of the screen, click on the link Sound Control Panel
  4. Right-click on the available speakers and select Properties
  5. Go to the Spatial Sound tab and select Off from the drop-down menu
  6. Save the changes.

We hope the above solutions have resolved Teardown audio stuttering & lag. For update on the issue, you can check the comment section. Also, if you have a better solution you’d like to share, use the comment section.

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