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Fix Swords of Legends Online ‘Internal server error: none’ Error

Fix Swords of Legends Online 'Internal server error none' Error

Swords of Legends Online is an MMORPG set on Chinese mythology and is currently available on Steam. We haven’t had any luck with the game because of server issues, but there are so many other problems with the game. It’s one of the most bugged games in a while, at least on the first day. Maybe the devs would get to the bottom of the problems and straighten it out. Either that or the game would fade away like so many others. A lot of users have been getting the Swords of Legends Online ‘Internal server error: none’ Error. Here is what you need to know.

Swords of Legends Online ‘Internal server error: none’ Error

The error message is exactly what it says, there is an internal problem with the server. If you were playing the game and it suddenly froze, the reason is the servers went offline, and being an online game that requires content server connection, the game cannot continue.

Swords of Legends Online ‘Internal server error: none’ Error and a lot of other problems with the game are thanks to the servers. Here is what the developer has to say about the issue,

“NA Server issues

We are aware of and investigating a drop in performance on the NA server (crashes / server down). We will let you know once we’ve identified the issue and know what steps we’re taking. Sorry guys, we hope to get it fixed soon!

Your SOLO Team”

As the problem is on the server end, things are out of your control and you cannot do anything about it, but wait for the developers to bring the server back up online. The only reason we can imagine the server issues with the game is the developers did not anticipate the demand and that’s causing strain on the server.

They are probably working on upgrading the servers. So, let’s wait and see when the servers come online. Once the servers are back up you should not see the ‘Internal server error: none’ Error.   

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