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Fix Star Wars Squadrons Error Code 918

A long awaited game, the Star Wars Squadrons is finally out. The multiplayer pits you against other pilots in an epic battle of dominance as either New Republic or Imperial fleets. Unlike the past Star Wars titles, you have a unique opportunity to experience the Star Wars universe in an authentic space dogfights with your squadrons. But, early players who are jumping to play the game have reported a nasty error, the Star Wars Squadrons error code 918. Although, there is a lot of mixed thought about the cause of the error with the developers acknowledging the problem and assuring they are working on a fix, we have our own theory.

The error may be due to the anticheat used by the game. EasyAntiCheat is a great anticheat software, but it often causes problems with the slightest corruption of files. Fortunately, we have a few solutions that can resolve the error 918 in Star Wars Squadrons and get you back to flying with your team. Keep scrolling to know how.       

How to Fix Star Wars Squadrons Error Code 918

The Star Wars Squadron error code 918 appears with the error message, “This EA account is restricted from accessing any online features. If you believe you have received this in error, contact customer support.” The error message appears as if there is a problem with your account and a possible ban. But, don’t fret that’s far from the case here. However, it’s a good indication of where the actual problem may lie.

The Star Wars Squadrons error code 918 seems to arise due to a corruption of the EasyAntiCheat (anticheat used for the game). As such, you can fix the error by repairing the EasyAntiCheat. But, there are other workaround that can help you to access to the game. Scroll down for more.

At this point, we cannot deny that the error may also arise due to a server problem as a lot of affected players have experienced it in certain time zones. The worst hit are players in the UK, US, and Australia. These are the countries that also have the largest number of people attempting to play the game, so there might also be a server glitch here.

Whatever the cause, quite a number of users were able to resolve the error code 918 after trying the two fixes we have suggested below.  

Try to launch the game through GeForce Experience. If you are an Nvidia graphics card user, you likely have the GeForce Experience installed on your system. Launch the application and on the home screen you should be able to see the game. When you hover the mouse over the game, you should be able to see the Play button. Click on it to launch the game.

However, that’s a temporary solution and if you don’t want to use the GeForce Experience to launch the game, you need to repair EasyAntiCheat. In order to perform the repair, head to the game’s install directory in Steam and locate the file EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe. Run the program and it will repair the EasyAntiCheat. Now, attempt to launch the game and the error should not appear.

The two solutions have been very effective in resolving the error code 918, but if they fail, you may have to wait for the developers to address the issue. As they are aware of the problem, the error may simply disappear or they may resolve it with the next patch. Whatever the case, this should not be a problem that should affect the game for long.

That’s all we have in this guide, but if you have a more effective solution, you can share them in comments.  

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