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Fix Star Wars Squadron Error Code 327 & Error Code 10011

Fix Star Wars Squadron Error Code 327 & Error Code 10011

Star Wars: Squadron pits you in a dogfight as Star Wars universe’s two lethal forces New Republic and Imperial fleets in an epic fight. The game gives you an authentic experience to witness combat as a Starfighter, but that’s after you get past the numerous errors in the game such as the Star Wars: Squadron error code 327 and the Star Wars: Squadron error code 10011.

Connecting to server has been a difficult experience for a large number of players. While it’s definitely due to the enormous amounts of players jumping to play the game, there is something you can do about specific error codes. When it tasks too long to connect to the server, the game may crash when you wait and if you try to quit it may result in the error code 327.

Whereas, the Star Wars Squadron Error Code: 10011 (Failed to start the game) is caused due to the Easy Anticheat that the game uses. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to resolve the error. Scroll down for more.

Fix Star Wars Squadron Error Code 327

The Star Wars Squadron Error Code 327 can appear on any device and is most definitely a server problem with the game. Your game crashes with the error saying you cannot connect to the servers. When you encounter the error, simply restart the game and attempt to connect to the servers again. It will work.

If the error continues, try playing the game at a time when the servers are less overloaded or use a VPN to play the game. We suggest you try ExpressVPN. You must also ensure that you are following the best practices of internet connectivity when playing online games.

As this is a server-side issue there is not much you can do on your end if the error continues. As the initial days of release pass, errors such as these should gradually subside. It’s also worth a shot to check the status of the servers in your region.

Some users have reported that they can play the game at a certain time of the day without server connection error, but on other times the error becomes persistent. Find the right time when you are able to play and continue playing or wait for strain on the servers to gradually decrease, which usually happens within around a week from the release date.  

Fix Star Wars Squadron Error Code 10011

The Star Wars Squadron Error Code 10011 on the other hand is caused due to the anticheat system used by the game. You may get the error message “Error Code: 10011 (Failed to start the game).” In order to fix the problem, you need to Start the EasyAntiCheat Service.

Press Windows Key + I and type services.msc. from the list of programs, locate EasyAntiCheat and right-click on it. Select Start. This should start the EasyAntiCheat service and you should not see either the error or the game should not crash.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope your Star Wars Squadron error code 327 & error code 10011 is fixed.  

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