Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor ‘Unexpected’ Error

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the latest action-packed adventure game from Respawn Entertainment. Despite being a largely enjoyable adventure, some gamers have encountered major bugs and glitches that disrupt their gaming experience. Lately, many players are complaining that they are running into an ‘Unexpected’ error. 

The exact error message reads – “UNEXPECTED ERROR – You seem to have bypassed certain story elements. Continuing to play from this point may encounter issues….” When the players get this error – They usually have two options – Load up the previous game save data or go further in the game knowing there will be issues. But none of these options are ideal – So, you must be wondering what to do. Right? Stick to this guide.

Such errors are frustrating especially when players have already tried some attempts to fix it but it still appears. Are you also running into the same error? Worry not and check out this guide. We have come across a few potential solutions to fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor ‘Unexpected’ error.

How to Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor ‘Unexpected’ Error

According to several reports, it has been noticed that the ‘Unexpected’ error triggers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor when the players are on the “Find Greeze” mission in Southern Reach. It occurs due to a bug and can be fixed with some quick workarounds.

One of the players has suggested the following steps to get rid of this error while on the “Find Greeze” mission in SW Jedi Survivor. 

1. A player suggests resting on the Derelict Dam mediation point and replaying the same path to the Southern Reach meditation point.

2. When you are about to reach the double jumping wall, you will be able to see the actual Boglings creatures. If not, just keep trying.

3. After a few tries, when you see the Boglings, then go again to the viewpoint and you will not see the ‘Unexpected’ error.

This seems a weird method to resolve this error, but it worked for some players, so it might work for you too.

At the time of writing this guide, this is the only temporary method to fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor ‘Unexpected’ error. If that doesn’t work for you, worry not as many players are reporting this error so developers should address this problem soon.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor ‘Unexpected’ error.

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