Fix Splitgate Voice Chat Not Working in Crossplay

Fix Splitgate Voice Chat Not Working in Crossplay

Splitgate is one of the latest free-to-play FPS (First Person Shooter) video games which is developed and published by 1047 games for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This is undoubtedly a great addition to the genre of PvP (Player Vs. Player) shooting games. This game has got more than 500K downloads since its Beta released, which clearly states that the game has been popular amongst fans. However, recently players are reporting that the Voice Chat function is not working in Crossplay. Many players are trying to get a solution to this problem. If you are having the same issue, let’s find out here is there any fix to Splitgate Voice Chat Not Working in Crossplay.

How to Fix to Splitgate Voice Chat Not Working in Crossplay

The Voice Chat function doesn’t work or it breaks when players attempt to enter a match in Splitgate. As we know that the game is still in the Beta phase, it is obvious to have such issues. However, the good news is that Splitgate itself has already acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter handle and hopefully, we will have its permanent solution in the next update.

Voice Chat function for players is a superior way to communicate with other players without typing messages which is very time-consuming. Another advantage of the Voice Chat feature is that the players can easily align a large group of players effectively while playing online games. And when such issues occur while playing games, it is annoying to continue.

Since the Splitgate game is still in the Beta phase, and its official full version will be released on July 27, 2021.  

We will keep checking on the news as soon as we get it fix and will surely update you guys.

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