Can you Fix Splitgate Invite Not Working Issue

Can you Fix Splitgate Invite Not Working Issue

Splitgate is one of the latest free-to-play games and it is all about sci-fi fights. One of the important features of this game is that it supports Crossplay so that the players between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can play with each other. However, one of the issues is intervening in the enjoyment during the game in which players are not able to invite any of their friends. Whenever a player tries to join a new game, an error comes up that says: ‘Unable to join matchmaking’. This issue is related to Splitgate server, but, if you are searching for any fix, let’s find out here can you fix Splitgate Invite Not Working issue?

Can you Fix Splitgate Invite Not Working Issue

Recently, many players are experiencing an error. Whenever they attempt to join a game, they are getting an error ‘Unable to join matchmaking’. Unfortunately, so far, there is no solution to fix Splitgate invites not working as it is a server side issue and so players are helpless and can’t do anything.

However, the good news is that Splitgate has already acknowledged this bug and they said, it happens only when the servers are overloaded. We hope, this problem will be resolved soon in the next update. Meanwhile, you can visit our website and stay updated with the latest guides and posts about several latest games.

Also, the developer team of Splitgate has already posted that they are shutting down their servers temporarily until Tuesday.

Once the server issues are resolved, players won’t have to suffer from the ‘Unable to join matchmaking’ issue where you cannot start a match or can’t invite any of your friends.

Meanwhile, you can try to restart your game and see the issue is resolved or not as it worked for many players.

That’s all for this guide on Can You Fix Splitgate Invite Not Working Issue.

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