Fix Sons of The Forest Controller Not Working Issue

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Like most online games, Sons of The Forest can also support a gamepad or controller. Players simply need to plug in their controller and start enjoying this survival horror game without having to configure any settings or controls. This can save time as well as hassle, especially if you are playing it on multiplayer platforms or devices. But recently, many players are reporting that their controllers are not working in Sons of The Forest. In this guide, we will check what are the main causes of this issue to occur and what you can do to fix this problem. So, let’s learn how to fix the Sons of The Forest controller not working issue.

How to Fix Sons of The Forest Controller Not Working Issue

There could be multiple reasons why your controller might not be working in Sons of The Forest such as:

– Compatibility issues

– Driver-related issues

– Connection problems

– Controller’s low battery

– Interference with other peripherals 

– Controller malfunction

This guide has covered all potential solutions to fix the Sons of the Forest controller not working issue.

1. Make Sure Your Controller is Connected Properly

First of all, make sure your controller is connected properly and the battery of the controller is not low. It is also suggested to disconnect your controller once and reconnect it properly.

2. Try Using a Wired Connection

In case you are using any wireless controller like DualSense or DualShock 4, then you should try to use a wired connection and check if that resolves the issue.

3. Press the Alt + Enter Keys

One of the easiest methods to fix the controller not working issue in Sons of The Forest is to simply press Alt + Enter keys on your keyboard when your controller doesn’t recognize or disconnects automatically. 

4. Update the Drivers of Your Controller

In case your controller’s drivers are outdated, it might not connect or work properly. So, the next method you should try is to make sure your controller’s drivers are updated to the latest version. To update your controller drivers to the latest version, visit the official website of the manufacturer and get the latest drivers. Once updated, check if the issue persists.

5. Unplug Other Peripherals

In addition, you need to unplug other connected peripherals from your systems such as a printer, USB drivers, keyboard, mouse, and more. Once done, check if that makes any difference. 

6. Launch the Game in Big Picture Mode

One of the best and classic methods to fix this issue is to launch the game in Big Picture mode on Steam. For this: Open up the Steam client on your PC >> View (Top-left corner) >> Select Big Picture Mode >> Continue and then launch the game.

7. Disabling Steam Input

Many players have managed to resolve this issue by disabling Steam input. For this: Go to Steam >> Library >> Right-click on Sons of The Forest >> Select the Controller option and put a checkmark on ‘Disable Steam Input’. Once done, save the changes and play the game.

That’s everything you can try fixing the Sons of The Forest controller not working issue.

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