Fix Snapchat “Tap to Load Snap” Error

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Most apps are not perfect, and Snapchat is no exception. Various users have reported an issue where they are unable to load a snap even after tapping on the icon. This issue is persistent and usually gets resolved on its own. But if you are looking for some quick ways to get rid of the problem, you can keep reading. In this guide, we will see how to fix the Tap to Load Snap error in Snapchat

Fix Snapchat “Tap to Load Snap” Error

The Tap to Load Snap error in Snapchat disabled users from loading the snap even after clicking it several times. Here we will see how to bypass this error on Snapchat

Since there is no permanent fix or solution for this issue, you can try the following tips to get the app working again.

  • Check Network Connectivity – If you think your internet is the culprit, you can try to use your mobile hotspot or reboot your Wi-Fi router to get the app working again
  • Restart your Phone – Restart your phone by pressing the Restart option after holding down the power button
  • Clear Snapchat Cache (Android) – Head into Settings > Apps and Notifications > Snapchat > Storage and Cache > Clear Cache
  • Disable Data Saver option – Launch Snapchat > Tap the Profile Icon > Settings > Data Saver > Disable Data Saver
  • Disable Snapchat Optimization – On your phone, navigate to Settings> Apps > Snapchat > Battery Optimization > Enable Don’t Optimize
  • Disable Battery Saver – If your phone is running on a battery saver mode, then you have to disable it. You can go to settings to disable battery saver or disable it from the pull-down menu on top
  • Reinstall the app – If Snapchat Tap to Load issue is still persistent, you can try to reinstall the app
  • Contact Customer Support – You can try to contact Snapchat support if the issue is not resolved

That’s all there is to know about the Tap to Load Snap error in Snapchat. If you like this article you can check out our other posts like How to Remove Snapchat My AI Without Snapchat Plus and How to Get the AI on Snapchat

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