Fix SECURE BOOT VIOLATION Error After Updating Windows 11 (For MSI Modern 14 AMD PC/Laptop)

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The latest version of Windows 11 is 22H2, also known as the Win 11 2022 update. It is now available for all eligible Win 10 and Win 11 devices. However, many users are not happy with this latest version. Recently, many players have upgraded their Win 10 to Win 11 22H2 on MSI Modern 14. But soon after the upgrade, they run into a secure boot violation error. Let’s find out in this guide the meaning of this particular error and how you can fix it with some simple steps.

Fixing SECURE BOOT VIOLATION Error After Updating Windows 11 (For MSI Modern 14 AMD PC)

You see the ‘SECURE BOOT VIOLATION’ error because it protects users’ systems from malware attacks. ASUS motherboard has implemented the Microsoft Secure Boot feature by default that performs a legal loader check to boot up into the operating system.

Thankfully, there is a method you can try to resolve this error. Let’s find out in the below section.

1. Firstly, you will need another PC or laptop to perform the method. Then open up this link –

2. After opening the above link, scroll down and download the E14DKAMS.112 version on your system.

3. Once downloaded, copy that zip file on your USB flash drive and extract it.

4. When the extraction is done, shut down your MSI PC or laptop.

5. Next, connect your USB flash drive to your MSI system.

6. Go to the System Bios and then downgrade the system bios to the new version E14DKAMS.112.

If you have no idea how to update or downgrade the BIOS, worry not, and check out the below YouTube video made by the MSI itself and learn how you can do it.

That’s all – Simply follow these steps, update BIOS, and the “SECURE BOOT VIOLATION” error should be fixed.

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    1. i’ve the same issue, now i already update windows n stuck on secure boot violation, if i update bios to 115, can it work for me? at least can boot windows 11 normaly again

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