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Fix Sea of Thieves Stuttering on PC

Fix Sea of Thieves Stuttering on PC, Xbox Series X, S, and Xbox One

Sea of Thieves game is all about fighting, sailing, looting, and exploring through a pirate ship. However, this game has received mixed reviews upon launch. Because, since the launch of this new series, numerous players have started reporting issues with stuttering issues on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, S, and PC. If you are having the same issues, you will find the best solutions in the following. However, make sure to keep your Graphics Driver and Windows OS updated with the latest and full version. Now, let’s check out the solutions to fix Sea of Thieves Stuttering on PC. 

How to Fix Sea of Thieves Stuttering on PC

Go through the following guide and you can easily fix this issue by:

By cleaning Temporary Files 

1. Press Win Key + R on your PC’s keyboard to run the program

2. Now type %temp% and press enter

3. Here you will see numerous files

4. Press Ctrl + A and select all files

5. Now press Shift + Delete in order to delete all the files

6. Some of the files won’t be deleted so keep them as it is and close the window

7. Now, run the game and check whether or not Sea of Thieves is facing the stuttering issue.

Disabling Steam overlay

1. Open up Steam on your Windows

2. Go to the Settings and then click on the In-Game option

3. Click on the checkbox and disable ‘Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game’

4. And then click ‘Ok’

Adjusting Nvidia Control Panel settings

1. Go to the 3D Settings and click on Adjust image settings with preview

2. Select ‘Use the advanced 3D image settings’

3. Now, open up the ‘Nvidia Control Panel’

4. Click on ‘Manage 3D settings’

5. And now select ‘Global Settings’

6. Next, adjust the following settings:

– Image Sharpening: Turn Off

– Threaded Optimization: Turn On

– Power Management: Prefer Maximum Performance

– Texture Filtering Quality: Performance

– Low Latency Mode: Off

By repairing game from Steam client

This process will take a bit more time than other fixes but it can solve the stuttering issues on Sea of Thieves.

1. Open Steam Client

2. Click on Sea of Thieves 

3. Next, click on Game Options

4. Select Scan and Repair

That’s it – These are the solutions to fix Sea of Thieves Stuttering issues on PC.

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    1. Sorry for your experience. With all the guides we publish sometimes a writer’s mistake goes unchecked. In the future, we will update the post with console solutions. Meanwhile, the title has been appropriately changed.

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