Sea of Thieves

Fix Sea of Thieves Stuck on Reporting for Duty

Fix Sea of Thieves Stuck on Reporting for Duty

Sea of Thieves is a great game and has amassed a dedicated player base on PC and Xbox even since the launch of the game, but like all multiplayers, the game has a few hiccups that can prevent you from sailing the rough tides. There are the Beard errors and a bunch of other problems which you can read about in the game category. However, a recent problem that’s emerged is the Sea of Thieves stuck on Reporting for Duty.

Sometimes while you are stuck in reporting for duty, you can get the error codes like Strawberry Beard or Lapis Beard soon after the loading screen. If you are stuck with in a similar situation, scroll through the post as we will tell you more about the error and what you can do about it.

Fix Sea of Thieves Stuck on Reporting for Duty

The most likely cause of the Sea of Thieves stuck on Reporting for Duty is a server issue. Lately, players started to encounter the issue after a recent update. There can be various issue with the server that’s causing the game to get stuck. The server may be down for maintenance, the recent update may have seen old players returning to the game that’s overburdening the servers, or there might be a glitch at the server end.

The best thing you can do in such a situation is to verify if the problem is in fact on the server end. You can use website such as Downdetector. Type the name of the game and the website will display its status. If you scroll down, you can read user comments who have been experiencing problems with the game. Another great place to get info about the game is the Sea of Thieves official twitter handle. If the servers are down, you should be able to read more about it there.

If the servers are fine, you can fix the Sea of Thieves stuck on Reporting for Duty by a simple restart of the game. Other fixes include clearing the cache on Xbox One. PC players can restart the system and try to play the game again. Often times, this simple step is sufficient to resolve the issue and can get you back in the game.

However, if there is an issue with your internet connection that can also lead to the issues. Sometimes certain ISP can have difficulty, try playing the game using the mobile hotspot if your mobile network has a stable connection. Attempt to reboot the network hardware and play the game. That should clear up any glitch with your device that may be causing the issue.

If nothing has worked so far, the problem could be corruption of game files, use the Steam client to verify the Integrity of game files. If you are using the Xbox app on PC, then ensure that you are logged in via the correct account.

Finally, if the problem is still occurring, you may have to get in touch with Sea of Thieves Support for a fix. If the problem is on the server end, there is nothing you can do and all the troubleshooting will be futile. You will have to wait for the developers to address the issue on their end.    

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