Fix Sea of Thieves Bronzebeard Error

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Sea of Thieves is one of the popular first-person action-packed games that offer the pirate experience, from sailing and looting to exploring and fighting. Like all online massive games, it is common for random crashes and glitches in this game also. One of the recent errors experienced by players is ‘Beard Errors’. One of those is the ‘Bronzebeard’ error. This error pops up when players try to boot up the Sea of Thieves game, as players attempt to sign in or when they set sail, they face this error. That means the game is unable to connect you with the game. Here are some of the best possible and quick fixes of Sea of Thieves Bronzebeard Error:

How to Fix Sea of Thieves Bronzebeard Error

There are several methods you can fix this error. Below we have collected all the solutions.

Fix Sea of Thieves Bronzebeard Error

1. Check the server status

First of all, make sure that the server is working properly. If it is down or under maintenance, you might get this issue. For this, go to the official game Twitter handle and check there if are any announcements from the devs regarding the server maintenance or something like that. Also, check in the same forum that the same issue is happening to other users as well. In case the server is down due to maintenance, wait for sometimes and it will be fixed automatically, once the services resume.

2. Check your internet connection

If your internet connection is not working properly or unstable, you might get a Bronzebeard error in Sea of Thieves. So, make sure it is working fine and properly and after that, you can proceed to the below method.

3. Quite the game and Relaunch it

If you are playing this game on your console, here are some simple steps to fix it.

1. Take your controller and press the Guide button

2. Highlight Sea of Thieves

3. Press the Menu button which you will see on the right side of the Guide Button on your controller

4. Select ‘Quite’ and then press A

5. Reboot the game Sea of Thieves

6. Go to the menu and then join in a game as normal

In case you’re playing Sea of Thieves on your PC, then you simply log out from the game and quit to desktop. Once your game is closed completely, restart it and try to sign in again. And if you’re having the same issue, we advise you to reboot the system fully once and then try again, you won’t see Bronzebeard Error in Sea of Thieves.

After completing these steps, you can easily load in the game and you can proceed further on your pirate way to earn a lot of money.

That’s everything you need to know about How to Fix Sea of Thieves Bronzebeard Error. Do not miss to check out our next post – How to Fix Sea of Thieves AvacadoBeard Error.

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