Fix Samsung S23 ultra All app notifications sound the same

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a flagship smartphone that offers a wide range of features to its users. One of the essential functions of a smartphone is to provide timely notifications, whether it is a text message, an email, or an app notification. However, some users of Samsung S21 Ultra have reported that all their app notifications sound the same, and they are not able to differentiate between different alerts. This can be frustrating, especially when you are waiting for an important message or notification.

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How to Fix Samsung S23 ultra All app notifications sound the same

It has been considered that the issue is caused by some wrong settings or features and not by and technical issue.There are several ways to Fix the Samsung S23 ultra All app notifications sound the same. Here are some of the methods that have worked for some users:

Reinstall the affected App

The first recommended solution is to uninstall and reinstall the affected apps. This method has been known to fix the issue for many Samsung S21 Ultra users. To do this, go to your phone’s settings, select “Apps,” and then select the app that is not working correctly. Tap on “Uninstall” to remove the app and then reinstall it from the Google Play Store.

Set up Default Notifications

If the above solution doesn’t work, you can try setting up custom or default notifications for each app individually. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to your smartphone’s settings.
  2. From there, head over to “Notifications” and then “App Notifications.”
  3. Select the app whose alert tone you want to change.
  4. After that, select “Notification categories.”
  5. Choose the type of notification that you want to customize.
  6. Tap on “Sound.” After this, you will be able to select a custom sound for the chosen app or notification.

Alternatively, you can set up custom notifications for lock screen notifications. To do this, go to “Settings,” then “Notifications,” then “Lock Screen Notification.” Select “Show Content,” then “Settings,” and finally, select the app for which you want to set up custom notifications.

Disable Do not Disturb

One thing you can do is to check if your phone is on “Do Not Disturb” mode. When your phone is on this mode, you will not receive any notifications. To check if your phone is on “Do Not Disturb” mode, swipe down from the top of your screen and look for the “Do Not Disturb” icon. If it is on, tap on it to turn it off.

Reset Phone Settings

Another thing you can try is to reset your phone’s notification settings. To do this, go to “Settings,” then “Apps,” and then select the app that is not working correctly. Tap on “Storage,” then “Clear Data,” and finally, “Clear Cache.”

If none of the above methods work, you may want to consider contacting Samsung’s customer support. They may be able to provide you with more detailed instructions on how to fix the issue.By following the above methods, you should be able to fix the issue and get back to receiving timely notifications on your Samsung S21 Ultra.

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