Fix Rogue Company Stuck on Loading Player Data

Rogue Company is yet to release and is planned as an early release in 2021, but the game has already amassed a huge following and player base. Currently, the game can only be accessed if you purchase one of the three bundles, but when the game releases, it’s free-to-play tactical shooter battle royale type game. As the game is in the beta testing phase, we can expect a range of bugs, a certain error users are encountering is the Rogue Company Stuck on Loading Player Data. Stick around and we will share all you have to know about the bug and what you can do about it.

Fix Rogue Company Stuck on Loading Player Data

The Rogue Company stuck on loading player data does not allow you to proceed with the game. As such there are certain fix you can try to resolve the error. Relaunching the game has proven to be the most effective fix for this problem.

You can do this by minimizing the game by pressing ALT + F4, or ALT + Enter. Once the game is minimized, open Task Manager and end the Rogue Company task. Now, relaunch the game and check if you are still stuck at Loading player data.

The error occurs due to a server problem and Hi-Rez Studios has a nasty habit of prolonged maintenance. Whenever you encounter such error that suggests a server problem, the best place to visit for information is the official Twitter handle of the game. Even with long maintenance periods, the developers are quite vocal about acknowledging problems with the game and answering any queries you may have.

As a second option, you can also visit third-party website that provide information on the status of game servers in your region.

With problems such as this, there is always a chance of a native problem with the client or the network connection. Therefore, it’s best you verify that your internet connection is fine. If all is fine and you can access the internet and play other online games, here is a link to check the status of Hi-Rez Studio Servers.     

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