Fix Rogue Company Error Code 1,000,051,555

Rogue Company Error Code 1,000,051,555

Rogue Company has opened for early access. Early players who participated in the draw, got to play the game for free. But, currently, you have to purchase one of the three packages of the game to receive an opportunity to be a part of the game. But, like all multiplayer, squad based games, the servers of the game become often overburdened and result in the Rogue Company error code 1,000,051,555. If you have encountered the error, you have come to the right place, we will share all there is about the error and the step forward.

The error occurs across all devices – PC, Xbox, PS4, and Switch. If you have encountered the error, the first thing you must do is check the status of the servers. Ensure it’s not down for maintenance. You can verify by visiting the Twitter of Rogue Company.

If it’s not a server-side problem, the error can be on the client side. Either your internet connection might not be stable or there is a configuration problem. Read further for the troubleshooting steps you can take.

Fix Rogue Company ‘Unable to connect to server’ Code 1,000,051,555

The Rogue Company error code 1,000,051,555 basically means there is a connection lapse between the client and the server, it could be due to a range of reasons from server overload, server down, ISP, network hardware compliance issues, packet lost while playing the game, unstable connections to Wi-Fi glitches. Here are some fixes you can ensure.

  1. Switch to a wired internet connection such as Powerline, Ethernet Cable, or MoCA. Using Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot can be the cause of several errors in games.
  2. For Console Players clear the cache if you are on Xbox and PS4 players hard reset the console. Users on PC, reboot the system and try playing the game.
  3. Reset the internet router or modem
  4. Cable connections, fiber, and DSL offer the best gaming experience. On the other hand, internet service providers such as satellite, wireless, and cellular are less reliable for online gaming.
  5. If a wired internet connection is not an option, consider:
  6. Changing the channel on your wireless router; ideally, the one that is used the least.
  7. Try shifting from 2.4GHz to 5GHz or vice versa.
  8. Ensure that the router is placed closer to the console or PC and not blocked by a wall or other obstacles that can block the Wi-Fi signal.
  9. Adjust the router’s antennae.
  10. Change your network connection. Try using a different internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, try playing the game through your mobile internet.
  11. Do not use other devices on the same network such as tablets, cell phones, etc. while playing Destiny 2.
  12. Terminate bandwidth-intensive tasks such as Netflix, YouTube, or other video streaming services, file transfer (torrents), etc.
  13. Ensure you are using the latest hardware and firmware. Get in touch with your ISP and ensure the network equipment such as modems, cables, routers, switches, etc. are all up-to-date and working as intended.
  14. Call the ISP for help with the problem.
  15. Change the NAT type.

If the Rogue Company error Code 1,000,051,555 error still occurs and you have exhausted all options, it’s advised that you get in touch with the game support. You can follow the link to Hi-Rez support. Since the game is in beta, the purpose of which is to weed out and resolve such errors before launch they would be more than happy to help you.  

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