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Fix Rogue Company Error Code 1000,024,506

Fix Rogue Company Error Code 1000,024,506

So far, in the paid beta of the game, we have come across a range of error codes in Rogue Company. While most of these errors are server related, the Rogue Company Error Code 1000,024,506 is one of the fearful error codes as it relates to account suspension and cheating. Stick around and we will share more about the error code and what you can do if you are not cheating and the error code emerges.

Fix Rogue Company Error Code 1000,024,506

If you have encountered the Fix Rogue Company Error Code 1000,024,506, it means you cannot play the game anymore as your account is suspended for banned activity like cheating. While the error codes indicates cheating, it is entirely possible that you are innocent and didn’t do anything wrong.

It wouldn’t be the first time a game has made an error and banned an innocent player for unlawful activity. Recently, we saw a lot of it with COD MW and Warzone.

When you encounter the error, the log-in is disabled for you and you cannot enjoy the game anymore. A representative of Hi-Rez Studios in a Tweet revealed about the nature of the error. He said, “That error is typically when an account is banned. Usually this is for cheating but they should contact our Support team for more information.”

Even when the Rogue Company error code 1000,024,506 is a mistake and you are at no fault, there is nothing you can do on your end, other than reaching out to the support. If you are in fact innocent, rest assured your account will be reinstated and you should be able to play the game.

Here is the link to submit a ticket with Hi-Rez Studios Support.  

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