Fix Rocket League Error 42

Psyonix’s Rocket League is an impressive and popular vehicular soccer game. It can be played over various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Swing.

Whenever the players encounter an error during the game there is a popup message saying “Your connection to the game has been lost” displaying the error occurred. The popup displays the information about the error and the steps to be followed to solve it.

The Rocket League error 42 is of the class 40s. The errors in the 40s are related specifically to connection errors. Error 42 is also a connection error in which the Connection failed or the Connection to be game is lost. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to fix the error in the game.

Causes of Rocket League Error 42

Here is the most obvious reason you could be seeing the error message when you launch the game. Address them and the issue should be fixed.

– Due to poor internet connection

– The specific hardware requirements are not matched

– There is some server-side issue – if you were playing the game and suddenly the error occurred, this is the most likely cause. The servers are experiencing difficulty.

Error Prompts Due to Connectivity Issues

If the game on the client-side is failing to connect to the server, these are some of the prompts you may get and their explanation.

– Server Health: This message pops up when there is some issue on the server-side itself.

– Packet Loss: When the packets of data transferred between your computer and the server are lost this issue is faced.

– Latency Variation: This indicates unsteadiness in ping.

– Higher Latency: This indicated that server ping is very high.

Here are a bunch of other messages that can accompany the Rocket League error code 42.

– Disconnected to the game’s server.

– Logged out of the game’s server. 

– Servers offline, try again later.

– Undefined error in communication with the server.

How to Fix Rocket League Error 42

Connectivity problems are the most difficult to troubleshoot with games. It can either be due to a problem on the client end, an ISP problem, or due to server glitch. To rule out any server problem, visit a website like Downdetector that will display any server problems with the game along with user comments. Once you have confirmed the problem is on your end, here are the solutions you can try to fix Rocket League error code 42.

1. Check the strength of Internet connectivity. Sit in an area with strong connectivity.

2. Try restarting your router.

3. Play on a wired connection.

4. Enable Port Forwarding.

5. Google’s Public DNS must be used.

For Windows:

 – Add Exception to the Windows firewall. 

– Update the Internet Explorer and check if its settings are set to medium. 

– Update the IP of the Internet.

– Synchronize your system’s clock with that of the game’s server to avoid any conflicts in time. 

– Try deleting the game’s cache.

– Follow the above steps 1 to 5.

For PlayStation 4: 

– Check its server status.

– Follow steps 1 to 7.

For Xbox: 

– Check its server status also if your live subscription is active.

– Follow steps 1 to 7.

For Switch: 

– Install the game in your internal storage rather than on an SD card. 

– Also, use the best Wi-Fi frequency. 

– Adjust the MTU settings.

– Follow steps 1 to 7. 

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you have found the solution to your problem and the Rocket League error code 42 is gone. If you have a better solution, let us know in the comments.

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