Fix Rocket League Call Limit Reached Error

Since 23rd September 2020, Rocket League can be played for free. Whenever a popular title is made free, millions of new players get a chance to try it out if they haven’t already. And so basically, active players overload the server capacity and that causes multiple errors. ‘Rocket League Call Limit Reached” error is one of them. This specific error doesn’t allow players to join the match online which is frustrating. It is also important to know that this error mostly comes up whenever game services facing problems.

Since it is clear that this is a server-related problem due to the massive hordes of players in Rocket League, the only possible solution is to wait until the servers turn back online.

However, if you can’t wait for the server to resume, the following are some of the solutions you can try out.

How to Fix Rocket League Call Limit Reached Error

Here are some of the possible solutions to fix this issue.

Update Rocket League

Make sure that your Rocket League game is not outdated. Check if any new patch is released. Sometimes, players forget to do which ultimately leads to several issues with the services. If you are using Epic Games or Steam launcher, you can easily check new updates for the game. So, make sure to get it updated and try again.

Check your internet connection

Sometimes, slower speed or poor signal strength of your internet connection also causes such issues. So, it is advisable to cross-check your internet connection by playing other online games. You can also check multiple websites to check your internet speed.

Also, we recommend restarting your router. It will allow you to re-establish your connection with your Internet Service Provider. Joining or creating a local game doesn’t require you to connect to the Rocket League servers. So, you can still create a game to play with your friends until the server returns to normal.

Keep logging again and again

This solution is quite weird but it works for many players. Logging back again and again into the game is another way to try to break into busy servers. 

Rocket League used to allow its players to switch servers, which could be the ultimate solution to this problem. But the developer removed that feature from the game and the servers are mapped based on your location. As such, you can try to use a VPN and see if that works. We suggest using ExpressVPN because it’s best for gaming use.

We hope this guide will be helpful to you to fix Rocket League Call Limit Reached Error. Learn How to Fix Rocket League Private Matches Not Working?

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