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Fix Rocket Arena Crashing While Loading

Fix Rocket Arena Crashing While Loading

Recently EA published Rocket Arena, a third-person shooter that involves battles between of 3v3. Early players on both console and PC are reporting Rocket Arena crashing while loading. For console players, the developers released a patch on Wednesday that has fixed the error for most of the players. But, PC players are still looking for a fix. Even when the developers release a patch, it’s not 100% that your issue might be resolved. Chances are your system configuration is the cause of the crash. In such a scenario, we have some fix that can address the crash in Rocket Arena.

Fix 1: Participate in Origin Technical Previews

  1. In Origin, click the Origin menu, Click Application Settings
  2. At the Client Update section, turn ON Participate in Origin technical previews
  3. Close and restart Origin
  4. Allow any update to occur and then retry playing.

That’s all we know so far to fix this issue. We are researching for more fixes. We will update this post as we find more solutions to the issue. Meanwhile, you can report the problem to EA and hopefully, a patch will come for PC players like they did for console.  

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