Fix Roblox Error Code 106, 110, 116 on Xbox One

Fix Roblox Error Code 106, 110, 116 on Xbox One

Are you one of the Roblox players who also love to create interesting games on your own? If yes, you must be facing some errors nowadays like Error Code 106, 110, 116 on your Xbox One. Let us find out how to fix these errors:

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 106

This error code is occurred due to some changes made by the developer on the Xbox One app. If you are facing this Roblox Error Code 106, here we are going to show you a very simple method to fix it.

Steps to Fix Roblox Error Code 106

1. Open the Roblox website using your desktop PC, mobile, or laptop and log in to your user account.

2. Here you will see the search bar option at the top of the page to search your friend’s account name.

3. Under the Players menu, you can easily search for your friend in the “friend account name”.  

4. Once you add your friend, ask him to login into his account and accept your friend request.

5. Once you both are on each other’s friends list, you can leave safely the Roblox website.

6. Next, return to your console and check if your friend is added to your friend’s list. If you cannot see him, you can click on the game tag of your friend to add him on Xbox.

7. Once you’ve successfully added your friend to your friend list, you will not see this Roblox Error Code 106.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 110

Roblox Error Code 110 occurs in the console as well as on Windows. The main reason for this error is the service connection, internet connection, or privacy settings. 

To fix this Roblox Error Code 110, go through the following steps:

Steps to Fix Roblox Error Code 110

1. First of all, check the Roblox server as it can be banned or temporarily down in your location. Also, you can check the status on its official website –

2. Also check if any content restrictions you have set to your network connections. You may have done it to protect privacy and safety from fraud or spyware. But it can also become a problem and showing as Error 110. 

3. Next, check your internet connection whether or not, it is working properly. An intermittent internet connection can also cause such an error.

After performing the above steps, Roblox Error Code 110 should be fixed.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 116

Many players are facing Roblox Error Code 116 when they try to play any popular, user-generated, or featured content on the Roblox Xbox One app.

This error comes up because most of the Roblox games need access to user-created content and multiplayer games. This error code is typically faced in a child account which is a part of a family account. And since such accounts have limited permissions, you will be required to change its settings to make sure that it is configured correctly to the Roblox app. Here are the steps to do it:

Steps to Fix Roblox Error Code 116

1. Press the Xbox home button to display the side menu.

2. Scroll down using your joystick and select “Settings” and press “A” to open it.

3. Now, select “All Parameters” and then press the “A button” again.

4. Next, select “Account” in the left menu.

5. Navigate to Online Privacy and Security and press the “A” button again.

6. Select Xbox Live Privacy and then search “View Details and Customize” and again press the “A” button.

7. On the next screen, scroll down and select the “Content of the game” menu.

8. Now select “You can view and share content” and change the menu from “Block” to “Everybody”.

9. Now close and reopen the Roblox app. The Roblox Error Code 116 must be gone.

We hope, our complete troubleshooting guide will be helpful to fix Roblox Error Code 106, 110, 116 on Xbox One. 

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