Fix Returnal Sunface Fragments Not Spawning

Returnal is already turning out to be one of the best games of the year, but the game has its fair share of problems particularly with items not spawning or players being unable to pick items after they have spawned. There is another bug that’s affected a wide range of players and that that doors don’t open after a cutscene. In this post, we will help you fix the Returnal Sunface Fragments not spawning.

Returnal has a total of 6 biome, each with one Sunface Fragments. So, you need to collect all six to get to the secret ending of the game. Therefore, it’s crucial that you workaround the Sunface Fragments not appearing bug.

Fix Returnal Sunface Fragments Not Spawning

Like most items in the game, there isn’t any particular spot where you can look for the Sunface Fragments, which makes it all the more difficult to identify if the problem is a bug or you just aren’t able to find it. Nevertheless, countless players have confirmed looking in every nook and corner of several biome and not finding the Sunface Fragments, which suggests a bug. If you are riding the same boat, there is a fix you can try.

Returnal Sunface Fragments

As you know by now, there is no save in the game, so you cannot load the previous save and hope the bug does not trigger this time. It brings us to a frustrating fix, you have to restart the run and hope the Sunface Fragments spawn this time. Fortunately, once Saline has died the Sunface Fragments do not get reset. So, the ones you have collected will still be on you.

The game is incredibly hard, which makes starting over all the more frustrating. However, that’s the only fix available at the time. Either this or you can wait for a patch from the developers to resolve the Returnal Sunface Fragments not spawning bug.         

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