Fix Returnal Network Error “Unable to connect to online services.”

Fix Returnal Network Error - Unable to conenct to online services

Returnal is one of the first most interesting titles with the PS5 hardware is focus and man does the game look wonderful. So far, there haven’t been any reports of widespread issues or bugs with the game. However, every now and then, the user can run into an error message, the Returnal Network Error with the message, “Unable to connect to online services. Reconnect through the pause menu.” While the problem may seem intimidating when you first encounter it, there is an easy fix for the network error in Returnal. Here is what you need to do.

How to Fix Returnal Network Error “Unable to connect to online services.”

For the most part, Returnal is an offline game, which means server problem should not impact or prevent players from enjoying the game, but still, there are certain elements of the game that relies on the servers. So, when you get the Returnal Network Error “Unable to connect to online services,” it’s worth a shot to verify the status of the servers.

Failing that, the first thing you should do is reboot everything from the PS5 to the internet hardware such as router/modem. Often times some bad cache on the router can prevent certain games from establishing a connection. If you have access to a stable phone internet that’s separate from the current internet connection, use the tethering feature of the PS5 to connect to the internet. Basically, switch your internet connection as certain ISP can have trouble connecting to particular servers.

While on the game, press the Options button to open the Pause menu and select Go Online. If that fails, the problem could be the game being outdated. Check for updates and the Returnal Network error may be fixed. Outdated game is one of the most common reasons for the error. SO, update the game and the issue may be resolved.

Finally, if nothing has worked, give the game some time and it may resolve on their own. Sometimes there is a glitch with the servers that’s not notified and not widespread. If that’s the case, give the game some time and the Returnal Network Error “Unable to connect to online services,” may resolve on its own.

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