Fix Returnal Door Not Opening Bug

Returnal is one of the most technically sound games released in a while and offers a truly unique game experience. A title worthy of bring on the new console. But, there is one bug in the game that makes progress near impossible. It’s the Returnal door not opening bug. As the title suggests, this bug makes it impossible to open doors that’s are crucial to progressing in the game. Without a workaround and no news from the developers you’ll be stuck with the game. Fortunately, the bug is not widespread and there are a few workarounds you apply to fix Returnal door glitch.

How to Fix Returnal Door Not Opening Bug

The Returnal door bug usually makes an appearance after a cutscene. If you are unable to pick items in the game after a cutscene, it usually leads to the doors not opening. The good news is the bug is not widespread and there is no specific point where it occurs. It just appears randomly for unlucky players.

As you would have noted by now and the reviews make it quite clear, Returnal tests even the best of gamers. It’s not one of those games that you quickly run past. You have to dedicate time into the game to progress. That brings us to a frustrating solution that players would understandably hesitate to try. However, it’s the most effective solution for the Returnal door not opening glitch. The most effective fix for the bug is to start all over again.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, players on various forums have noted that the pre-order suit causes this bug. As such, you can try to return to the standard suit and see if that fixes the issue.

If the above solutions have not resolved the bug, unfortunately, there isn’t anything else you can try to fix the bug. You will for the developers to address the bug in a patch.

If we have missed something or you know about a workaround the door bug, share it in the comments for other readers.    

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