Fix Resident Evil Village Stutter on PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5

Resident Evil Village is one of the most awaited and the second big release from CAPCOM this year. Unlike the previous title that was a Switch exclusive RE8 is available for virtually all platforms including PC, Xbox, PS5, and PS4. While the game runs smoothly on even mid-range PC, there is some stutter reported by users. RE8 stuttering can be very annoying as it can ruin the game experience and even get you in trouble with the monsters if the stutter happens when you are attacked. Hence, it’s best that you fix Resident Evil Village stutter before you start the game. There are certain things you can do to improve the RE8 stuttering. Read below to know.

How to Fix Resident Evil Village Stutter on PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5

To fix Resident Evil Village stuttering on PC, ensure that you are playing the game on Fullscreen and the resolution scale is to native or 1920×1080. Ray Tracing does not work as intended with the game, at least not at all scenes. While the game maintains a good frame rate with the Ray Tracing enabled, it can stutter at times. So, if you own an RTX card and have the option, disable the Ray Tracing to improve the stutter with the game.

For PC users, you can tweak some other settings to improve the frame rate and stutter such as the Ambient Occlusion, Shadow Quality, Shadow Textures, Vertical Sync, and Anti-Aliasing. For some of these options, you have to disable them such as Vsync. Don’t tweak all the settings at a time. Make a change, observe the impact and then, proceed to change the next settings.

As for the console such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X, turning off the Ray Tracing seems to have a direct impact on the stutter and the frame rate as well. SO, like PC users, you must also disable the Ray Tracing to see an improvement in the stutter.

While the stuttering is minimal and Ray Tracing does bring some improved visuals to the game, you can make a choice to bear with the stutter and enjoy the benefits of Ray Tracing or disable them.

We hope that once the game releases and the team at CAPCOM start to address issues with the game, the first thing they do would be improve the frame rate and stutter.

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