Fix Resident Evil Village Download Stuck – Slow Download Speed on Steam

Resident Evil Village or RE8 has released; however, a lot of users are complaining of the Resident Evil Village download stuck or slow download speed. There are a few reasons for the slow download speed. The obvious – RE8 is an AAA title and players around the world would want to get it. The huge demand may be putting strain on the servers causing the slow download speed. While you cannot control the servers, there are a few things you can do to speed up the RE8 download speed.

How to Fix Resident Evil Village Slow Download Speed or Download Stuck

The current issue with downloading the game seems to impact only Steam users. Notably, that’s also the largest player base of the game. A lot of users have been complaining of the installation bar not progressing. Here are some things we suggest you try to fix Resident Evil Village download stuck or not progressing.

Give the game some time…

While the Steam client may be showing the download in progress that may not be what’s actually happening with the game and long-time users of the Steam client are familiar with it. The Steam client is unpacking the game files. Once it installs the installer and the unpacking is complete the download should be complete. So, even when the download is complete and the installation is underway, it would still show downloading. So, give it time and the issue may resolve on its own. Do not restart the Steam client or the system.

If that above is not the case and the download is actually stuck, these are the few things you can try.

  1. Restart the Steam and PC before downloading the game
  2. Clear download cache from Steam
    • Settings > Downloads > Clear Download Cache > Ok.
  3. Change the Download Region
    • Settings > Downloads > Download Region > select a server such as New Zealand or other > Ok
  4. Don’t use VPN while downloading as it can slow the download speed
  5. Change the Bandwidth Limit
    • Settings > Downloads > Limit bandwidth to > select No Limit > Ok

If the download is still stuck after the above changes and tweaks, pause the download and try again. If the download issue with the game still persists, it could be a bug and there may be nothing you can do but wait for Steam to fix it.

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