Fix Redfall Motion Sickness Issue While Playing – Fix Sensitivity Issue

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Motion sickness problem while playing certain online games including Redfall occurs when there is a conflict between the visual and inner ear (vestibular) system. In that situation, the player might feel like he or she is falling or flying through turbulence and this sort of movement on-screen can make you feel quite queasy. 

This issue is not limited to any particular gaming platform but it occurs on both Xbox and PC. Many players are currently experiencing motion sickness while playing Redfall. Well, if you are also experiencing a similar problem while playing Redfall, we have a solution. Stick to this guide and learn how you can fix the Redfall motion sickness issue while playing – Fix the sensitivity issue.

How to Fix Redfall Motion Sickness Issue While Playing – Fix Sensitivity Issue

Some players also report that they are unable to play the game for more than 10 minutes without getting motion sickness. Furthermore, one player says “The game makes me sick, and my eyes so bad that my head hurts whenever I move around”. 

The sensitivity of the game is too high and that is the main reason why the gameplay makes them feel sick. Thankfully, you can try to fix this problem with a quick tweaking of the settings. 

– Open up the Menu and go to Settings >> Controller settings >> and then:

– Turn Redfall Controller Sensitivity up (3)

– Input Response Preset down to ‘LOW”

– Once set, relaunch the game and you should not feel motion sickness in Redfall

Apart from this, we also provide you some additional tips:

– Taking regular breaks from playing can also help to prevent motion sickness. It is advisable to play the game for a short period of time, take breaks, and then play the game again.

– Try to increase the field of view (FOV) as it can also help you to reduce motion sickness.

– It is also advisable to lower the graphics settings

– Besides, you can also try changing your playing environment. The lighting, temperature, and noise level in your gaming room can also contribute to this problem. So, make sure to play the game in a well-lit and cool room.

It is important to note here that motion sickness problems vary from player to player so what works best for one person may not work for another. However, if you continue to experience this problem, it may be best to take small breaks from playing. That’s it for this guide. Hopefully, the above quick method and some other additional tips will help you to resolve motion sickness issues while playing Redfall.

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