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Fix Red Dead Online Error Code 0x21002001

Fix Red Dead Online Error Code 0X40003002

Lately, Red Dead Online has come under a lot of criticism for server errors, especially after the Naturalist Role Update. However, the Red Dead Online error code 0x21002001 has existed since launch and has resurfaced after the new update. Ironically, this update was supposed to fix a range of bugs in the game, but it has done the opposite. A lot of users have reported a various errors in different forums including a the error 0x40003002.

The most common cause of the error 0x21002001 is the servers being overburdened. As a lot of players are trying to jump into the game after the new update, the servers are running out of capability. That’s a good news as there is nothing wrong with your system or network configuration. When you encounter any of the server errors with the game, it’s always best to verify the Service Status of RDO.

Even though this is a server error and not much you can do, players on various forums were able to bypass the error by certain quick fix. Stick around and we will share them with you.

Fix Red Dead Online Error Code 0x21002001

As with most errors in games, hardly any fix is universal, meaning it may work for some users while ineffective for others. When you encounter the Red Dead Online error code 0x21002001 and you are on console, you must try and clear the cache from the device. It’s a harmless process and allows the system of download a fresh copy. Some old cache files can become corrupted and lead to network or connectivity errors. Both console users can perform hard reset to clear cache i.e. hold the power button for 10 seconds, remove the power cords, press the power button multiple times, reconnect the power cords after 30 seconds and restart the console.

Additionally, you can also check the NAT type for your device. Ideally, it should be Open to play multiplayer or online games. If it’s Restricted or Moderate, you will have to change the NAT type through port forwarding.

You could also reset the network hardware to clear out old files and configuration that may be causing issues. It’s quite simple – turn off the network hardware, remove power cords, wait for 30 seconds, reconnect the power cords and start normally.

You can also attempt to fix the Red Dead Online error code 0x21002001 by backing out of the main menu and restarting the game as usual. Sometimes it works to resolve the error. Multiple attempts to restart the game has also worked for a lot of users.

Finally, if nothing has worked there is not much in your hands and you have to hope Rockstar fix this problem from their end. If the error is not widespread and only with you, it a good idea to contact the support and look for answers – Rockstar Support. That’s all we have in this guide, we hope your error is resolved. I you have better solutions or suggestions, the comment section is where to put it.            

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